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Japan Cultural Expo Art Brut creation nippon in NIIGATA , November-December 2020
Arts and Culture festivals sent out to the world by disabled people


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/ Overview

The venue is Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, which is known as “a town of fermentation". Set in Takada Sekaikan, one of Japan's oldest movie theaters, various programs will be shared with people who visited the venue as a film concert with talks by related parties, and will be distributed to the world on demand drive. Art Brut: "Humanity and Nature in Japan" Exhibition in NIIGATA will be held at Musee Yukikomachi for two weeks. “Agriculture×Welfare×Food” conveys the charms of miso culture.

We are working on barrier-free. For more information, see"To ensure everyone can participate" at the end of the site.

Project 1

Art Brut;“Humanity and Nature in Japan” in Tokai-Hokuriku

November 28 (Sat) ‒ December 13 (Sun) ,2020

Venue : Musee Yukikomachi

Goto Harue / Kamimura Hiroshi (Living in Ishikawa Prefecture)「Nagoya city」
Jo Runako / Goi Masato (Living in Niigata Prefecture)「Hair Craft」
Kamo Kenichi / Yachi Erina (Living in Toyama Prefecture)「untitled」

Following the theme of “Humanity asnd Nature in Japan”, an exhibition will be held with works. In addition to some of the works exhibited at the Grand Opening (February 2020, Shiga), we will also introduce works by new participating artists in the Tokai and Hokuriku regions.

Project 2

Disabled People's Performing Arts

December 12 (Sat) ‒ 13 (Sun) ,2020

Venue : Takadasekaikan

Audio guide system and wheelchair accessible seats available, Pre-performance explanation of the stage and performance available, Sign language interpretation (for MC Talk) available, Text information available.

/ Zuiho Taiko (Nagasaki) 瑞宝太鼓(長崎) / Zuiho Taiko (Nagasaki)

December 12, 2020

A performance by Zuiho Taiko, a Japanese drum group consisting of members with intellectual disabilities, the pride of their hometown, Nagasaki who have received high acclain both domestically and internationally.

Since their formation in 2001, they have performed both in Japan and abroad under the theme of "Hope,Effort, and Living with Gratitude”. They have performed in reform schools and prisons across the country, as well as giving school performances and other social contribution activities, and continues to inspire and empower people to live.

Performance of Iwami Kagura‒Iwami Welfare Society Performing Arts Club (Shimane)
Program: Orochi

瑞宝太鼓(長崎) / Zuiho Taiko (Nagasaki)

December 13, 2020

Iwami Kagura, designated as Japan Heritage in 2019, is an oral tradition performing art in the western part of Shimane Prefecture. The show named "Oro chi”is one of the representative performances of Iwami Kagura. A large snake (Orochi) flies around the stage and plays a myth from ancient Japan.

In 1985, a performing arts club was launched at Iwami Welfare Society, a social welfare group, with the staff and people with disabilities performing at Iwami Kagura events. Being a traditional Japanese performing art that was recognized as a Japan Heritage in May 2019, some were worried whether Iwami Kagura could be passed down by people with disabilities. When the club was first established, the members held activities around having fun with kagura music, but with the passion of the staff and the locals, they have now acquired full-fledged skills and even joined a council composed of local kagura groups. In October 2017, as part of the 2017 Japan x Nantes Project, their performance was held in Nantes, France where they received great praise from the locals there.

Performance of Tokai/Hokuriku block

オンディマンドライブ配信 Ondemand LIVE
2020年12月13日(日) 14:00~15:00
December 13, 2020

Project 3

Barrier-free Theater “Helen Keller”

December 12 (Sat) ‒ 13 (Sun) ,2020

Venue : Takadasekaikan

Wheelchair accessible seats and sign language interpretation (for Talk) available,
UD Talk (for Talk) available.

December 12, 2020

Performance Organization
Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE

This is barrier-free play in the style of a theater group that participants can enjoy together, regardless of their disabilities.

Tokyo Theatre Company KAZE profile

Established in 1987 based on the questions “why to perform now, and what should be done for stage performance in our era and our society”. Later in 1999, “Repertory theater KAZE” was opened in Higashinakano, Tokyo based on the creations of Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht, the representative German creator in exile in the 20th century, and Matei Visniec, also from the same era, performing 8-10 repertory works and new works every year.

At the same time, we have been proactively holding performance tours throughout the country targeting on teenagers since our establishment with the thought “stage performance is not merely telling the truth, it criticizes “society” and “truth”, and it provides a platform for us to look back, which is a ‘space to experience freedom’”. International exchanges with a huge number of overseas theatres and artists from various genres were started in 2003 with an attempt to create uniqueness. “ Écriture Vagabond”, the stage performance workshop for children from various local communities was officially started in 2018. “Barrier free performance” was then started one year later in 2019, with shows mainly at the theatre but also in many schools with special assistance throughout Japan based on requests.

Project 4

Barrier Free Film

December 12 (Sat) ‒ 13 (Sun) ,2020

Venue : Takadasekaikan

Wheelchair accessible seats and sign language interpretation (for Talk) available,
UD Talk (for Talk) available.

Barrier Free Film

In This Corner Of The World


December 12, 2020

Director:Katabuchi Sunao Talk

December 12, 2020

Closed Ward


December 13, 2020

A psychiatric hospital in Nagano. Hidemaru (Tsurube Shofukutei) survived a death penalty. Chu (Go Ayano) suffers from hallucination. Yuki (Nana Komatsu) is hospitalized for domestic violence. They have been rejected by family and society, but they begin to form a bond. So why did the shocking incident occur that would cast a dark shadow on their lives? Why are they still living on? The truth revealed in court will lead their almost-broken lives to daybreak...
Director & Screenwriter: Hideyuki Hirayama
Cast: Tsurube Shofukutei, Go Ayano, Nana Komatsu 2019/Japan/117 mins (c)2019 Movie “Closed Ward” Production Committee (c)H.Hahakigi/Sncs

Director:Hirayama Hideyuki Talk

December 13, 2020


December 13, 2020

Artists in Wonderland
Benshi:Sasaki Akiko


December 13, 2020

There are seven artists in the film–they are all known to have intellectual disabilities. Looking back at the production of the film, Sato reveals, “As I was filming, I began to lose sense of what art really was. A flood of color, an unknown block of soil, scribbles and memos, or even a scream or silence is art and I came to truly believe that it was.” This collage film itself, which contemplates the question “What is art?” and is free from the curse of society, became art.
Director: Makoto Sato
Cinematographer:Seizo Tashima Producer:Tetsujiro Yamagami, Koshiro Sho
Cast: Takashi Shuji, Tsunagi Nishio, Yoshihiko Ito, others
1998/Japan/93 mins (c) “Artists in Wonderland” Production Committee

Benshi:Sasaki Akiko After Talk

December 13, 2020

Project 5

“Agriculture×Welfare×Food ”

December 12 (Sat) ‒ 13 (Sun) ,2020

Venue : Takadasekaikan

Audio guide system and wheelchair accessible seats available, Sign language interpretation available, Text information available.

Agriculture × Welfare × Food in Tokai/Hokuriku


December 12, 2020

Introduction of Local Attractions

Joetsu area charm video

Barrier-free service

To ensure everyone can participate

Disabled People’s Arts and Culture Festival will strive to ensure that everyone can enjoy the festival regardless of abilities or disabilities. On the day, there will be a Welcome Center to support visitors’ stay and experience as well as ensuring access to information, such as through sign language interpretation, for each program. The main services are as follows. We look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome Center
: There will be an information desk to support visitors' stay and experience.(venue: Musee Yukikomachi)

Calm Down Space
: There will be a resting space for people who do not feel well on the day.

Ensuring access to information such as sign language interpretation
: Through sign language interpretation and note-taking etc., we will ensure access to information for each program.

Musee Yukikomachi
Venue :
Astopia5F 5-4-5 Hommachi Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture.
Access :
JR Takada station 5-minute walk
Date :
November28(Sat) - December13(Sun),2020
Venue :
6-4-21Hommachi Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture)
Access :
JR Takada station 10-minute walk
Date :
December12(Sat) - 13(Sun),2020
both venue
Admission :
Enquiries :
Executive Committee for Japan Cultural Expo
Disabled Peopleʼ s Arts and Culture Festival
Tokai/Hokuriku Block Secretariat
(Social Welfare Corporation Minna de Ikiru)
TEL:025-530-7264 FAX:025-530-7261